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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Just Checking In!!!

Easter Bunny Kisses

I am starting to think about Easter so thought I would post one of my newest spring or Easter designs. I really like this one. After the weather we have had the past couple weeks I like the idea of flowers and bunnies!

It looks like the groundhog may have been right this year about 6 more weeks of winter. We had a northeaster that blows down from Canada. They can keep it up there as far as I am concerned. I have a hard time keeping warm in most weather except really hot weather. My Doctor says I need more insulation on my body! And my husband keeps telling me to eat more, but I don't feel good when I eat more or differently than what I usually do. I have been eating yogurt for lunch for over 50 years, long before yogurt became popular. I used to have a yogurt maker that made 5 containers at a time. My kids liked it, too. I can't believe the many choices that are available in the supermarkets. My favorite one now is the Mocha from Trader Joe's. I have found the shelf empty at times, so to make sure I have my "stash" I call ahead and have it put away for me.

A very noisy airplane just took off. We live miles away from the airport but the airport has grown so much since we moved here 47 years ago! And I must say I detest it. I have only flown once and that was enough for me. I like to have control and it seems to me there is no control when you are up in the air like that! And I don't see why people fly as much as they do. Companies could save so much money if they didn't have their people flying all over when they could do it with Go To Meeting, Skype or whatever! Then we wouldn't have to listen to all those darn planes taking off or coming in. 

I had my 75th birthday last week. Some days I feel like 75 and I don't like those days. I have aways accomplished so much in a day and either the days are shorter than they used to be or I am slower. I think I know which one it is! I used to run every morning, cold, rain, snow, whatever! Then I switched to walking and one fall I decided this is ridiculous! I was having to wear rain gear to walk and then dry everything so it would be dry the next morning so I could do it all over. I decided I would stay in and ride my exercise bike instead. I am still riding my exercise bike every day, though. 20 minutes a day. Not quite as fast as I used to, but I feel so much better after I ride it. My first stationary bike had over 10,000 miles on it and the odometer didn't go any higher, so have no idea how many "miles" it actually had on it. I had to get a recumbent bike about 10 years ago and I like it real well.  It also helps me keep warm for several hours after I quit riding. 

Time to fix lunch so will sign off for today. I still want to write about my family and the way life was when I was younger and I will, just have to know where to begin!

Have a good week and I will get back soon.

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