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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Update for December

Adam Cole is a post grad student at York St John University in York and is studying for a Masters in Music composition. He recently asked me if he could use one of my autumn designs for a piece he has composed called Autumn Transparency. I told him he had my permission to use it. He sent me a link to his sound clould page and you can hear his composition. I listend to it and found it very relaxing and different from the usual kind of music I listen to, but I enjoyed it and thought I would put a link to it on my blog. If you are interested in hearing it, you can find it at: https://soundcloud.com/amcomposer/autumns-transparency. If you enjoy it leave a comment for him as I am sure he would like to know what listeners think.

I am trying to cut back on working on Christmas since I have so many already made, but I keep going through my graphics and find something and start a new one.

It is warmer out today and looks like it may warm up some more but when it does that, it rains!

Have a great day, everyone.

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