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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Holly Berries

December is here already. I know I keep saying how fast time goes, but it does. I have the family 2014 calendars finished and the Christmas cards ready to go out. I don't do a lot of decorating anymore. Since I stopped having Christmas eve with all the kids and grand kids, I don't see any point in it. Plus I work on Christmas themes from Halloween so get a bit tired of decorating! My decorating will be on your computers. I will put up some things that my Mom made and a small tree. I gave the nativity manger that my husband made years ago to our oldest grandson and his wife to use. My Mom found the pattern for a rustic manger in a Family Circle magazine 50+ years ago. My husband made us each one out of cedar from our wood shed. I remember the first creche figurines I bought were from the .88¢ store. Our little dog kept eating the sheep, though. She never touched anything else, just the sheep!

The weather here has been so cold, but it has been cold all over it sounds like. I know my knees don't want to bend in the cold! That is probably from all the old motorcyle crashes and 2 knee surgeries, but it was a lot of fun at the time.

December is always so busy and we have 3 family birthdays, school Christmas program, Christmas eve and Christmas day.

I have been getting such great letters and reviews from people. I try to answer them all but I know I don't get to them as fast as I should, but I DO read them, so thanks to all of you.

I broke down & purchased the latest Print Shop Elements because it was on sale and it is quite a bit different. The first day I used it I wished I hadn't bought it! But am getting more familiar with it. There are still several things I knew how to do in the old version that I haven't figured out yet which frustrates me. It took so long to learn how to do some of them and now I am back to square one!

Going to get back to work. I did update the graphics on the blog last week but hadn't found time to write anything. If I don't get back before Christmas I wish you all a great holiday with family. If it wasn't for family we probably would live somewhere a little warmer. But I can't give up seeing the little smiling faces & visits. 

 I found this little silly cat and just love him so you will probably see him in several designs over the season!

 *****HAPPY HOLIDAYS******

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