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Thursday, March 7, 2013


Daisies Surprise
 Brand Thunder 

Thought I would change my blog a bit. Spice it up some. My timer is going to ring soon, since I have to set the timer when I am on the computer so I don't stay too long. If I sit too long, my back starts hurting and it doesn't help my eyes any, either. So I set the timer for only 20 minutes to work and 10 to 20 minutes off. It really limits me, and I hate it, but...

Had my 74th birthday so I am really getting up there. I can remember when I was 30, I thought 70 was "really, really old"! Now, I think 90 is old! 73 was not good to me so I am hoping 74 will be better.

I have only made a few Saint Patrick's Day designs and a few Easter ones. Have a few more ideas for Easter but am finished with Saint Patrick's Day.

I think my favorite ones to make are spring. We are all tired of dreary old winter and the spring designs are bright and cheerful. So that is what I enjoy making the most.

Timer just rang, so I am off to do some dusting or whatever needs to be done.

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