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Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Closing In

Purple Designer Christmas
Brand Thunder Link

Well, we made it through another year together. And today was the day the Mayan calendar proclaimed the end of time! 

I just wanted to wish you all a great holiday and hope you can spend it with family like we are so lucky to be able to.

The Brand Thunder blog had a spot about the Nexus 7 winners and thought I would post the link. http://brandthunder.com/2012/nexus-7-winners-brand-thunder-offering-more-prizes-in-new-year/ I am really enjoying the Nexus 7. I am reading books on it right now. I put the Kindle app on it and can get books from Amazon free or at a very low cost. My husband is using it to play a hunting game on it, too. So I want to thank Brand Thunder for the win. I did work hard on the contest, though. I made a lot of pop culture designs and the one that they chose to win was Darth Vader Red Planet. I have never seen a Star Wars movie but it was fun to make. 

Till next year!

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