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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just Amazing!

Just Amazing
Hi again and welcome new followers. I am not very good at checking in often like most blogger's do, so I am hopeful you will have patience with me. I just get so involved in designing the wallpapers and themes that I run out of time! You would not believe how many hours a day I work...or maybe you would, I don't know. I used to sew the same way, just lose time...sometimes it is worth it and sometimes not.

The design I am displaying today is one that got popular very quick. I knew I liked it, but you never know if others will or not. I have posted the link for the Mozilla Firefox site, wallpaper and Brand Thunder site. I have noticed that some designs I submitted in 2009 are getting a lot of use all of a sudden so I wonder if it is from some of the followers that are beginning to know me and my work.

We just got through a terrible week of weather. Snow, freezing, northeast wind...you mention it, we had it. It was 11 degrees here for several days with that horrible northeast wind so with the wind factor, was much colder.  There are still drifts in our yard but almost gone. We had gotten in to town the Saturday before it started so didn't need anything so stayed home. AND WORKED! 

Our New Years day turned out to be not a good start for the year. We were robbed that night. Someone or more than one got into our shop and went through everything and stole a lot of things. It is quite a shock to get up in the morning and look out the window to see a shop door open when you know it was closed and locked the night before. It has taken my husband days to go through things and try to find what is missing. He works hard and helps people out that don't have much money to keep their vehicles running for them and to have someone come in and steal tools, etc. that lets him help people is really disgusting. That is not the kind of world I want to live in but it seems to be the way it is now. So I advise any and all of you to go through things and make sure you have serial numbers, etc.  If you have a camera, take a photo of the serial numbers on items as that is almost easier than writing down a ton of numbers, put the photos on a disc or flash drive and keep them somewhere safe. I learned this a little late! So don't be like me and close the barn door after the horses got out!

I am working on Valentine Day themes right now but already getting tired of them! And it isn't even February. I enjoy making the nature ones with forests, trees, etc. best. So don't think I will make too many Valentine ones, but do have some graphics I want to use so will make some more. 

I am going to sign off for today. But I happened to check the blog the other day and saw I had a couple more followers and wanted to welcome them and hope they check in more often than I do!

Thanks for using my work. That is why I keep doing it. 

Have a great week and hope you are all warm and cozy.


  1. Oh my. I just wrote this nice long comment then made a wrong move and now it's disappeared! So, if you get two comments from me consider them as twice the love.

    So now I'll start gushing again. You are my favorite. 9 times out of 10 after I pick a persona I look at the designer and it's YOU! Brilliant eye and an understanding of space and positioning. Everything about your work makes me keep coming back to change my personas. Sometimes I don't even bother looking through the pages of options, I'll just search by your name.

    I change my personas regularly, according to mood, holiday, season etc. Oh it's just a little matter for me to be happy about, not world peace or anything. But in a way it is now, isn't it? You manifest your spirit and shine into a design and when I use it I look up at it I smile a little. A small shot of grace and happy sent out into the world. And that's the present you give me: little smiles throughout the day. If you really think about it, what an amazing gift!! I imagine producing such quality work eats up your time...and that you do it just because...is a brilliant, lovely thing to do. Ergo, your artwork is brilliant and lovely, ergo you must be brilliant and lovely. Thank you for sharing that with all of us. Please also thank Mr. MaDonna for sharing you with all of us!

    Absolutely ecstatic to hear about the wallpapers. Finally here's a big <<< HUG >>> for being so generous with your time and talents. xo - Sandra Veirs, Ballston Spa Village, New York.

    1. Wow! That is the sweetest thing to say. You are the reasons I do this and yes, it does take up hours and hours but I really get a sense of accomplishment if I design something that people like and makes them feel good about the world and themselves.

      And I will certainly tell Mr. MaDonna! He will get a big laugh about that. We will have our 55th wedding anniversary this year so he is a pretty good guy!

      Thanks again, Sandra for using my work.

  2. I have so much to say, and limited time to say it (at the moment) - so I will keep this short, but I just had to come and tell you -

    You named this perfectly, because it does more than just look beautiful. I started using this as my Firefox persona because I was looking for a "fresh" color. I look at colors all day long and they're usually the "regular" ones, so this was a wonderful new look. ~~ As soon as I did I noticed that this color also makes all the other colors on web pages look so much better, makes them pop! It's like a magic color, LOL.....

    Of course that made me curious, and I spent a really long time looking at all 157 pages of your work on the getpersona page. Really. Just looking to see what else there was - not to change from using this one, I did have a mission (which I will email you about this week sometime), but I kept getting sidetracked by one after another of OH WOW that looks awesome! LOL...

    You have a beautiful eye for colors and subjects, and the talent to make it come to life in ways you may not have even realized. Your designs have the unique way of making things calm and still vibrate with interest.

    Ok, I'm out of time. I will contact you soon, though.

    Count me as your newest fan!

  3. Thanks, Naturegirl..I just happened to check on my blog today and found your wonderful comments. I can't believe you checked out all 158 pages of my designs. I don't even do that! Keep checking every day as I usually add several new designs. Have a great week end!