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Friday, March 18, 2011


Little Girls Wonder


Spring begins on Sunday and one of my grandsons will be 28 that day so it is a very special day to me. Besides being a fantastic grandson that I am very proud of, he is my computer expert that builds my computers and keeps them running.

Our weather has been cold and windy and awful. I am so ready for spring and some sunshine, but I heard this morning that spring in the Pacific Northwest will be cool and wet! What else is new? I love it here but would really like a bit more sunshine.

I have been so busy working on designs and have tons made and more in my head and computer to do. The  one above is very springy, if that is a word. I started out not having any idea of what it would be and just kept checking my files of graphics and added to it and added to it and kept adding to it. I was real pleased with it. I had planned on putting an Easter design on today since Saint Patrick's Day is over but I made this and liked it better. If I make an Easter one I am especially proud of I will add it next month. 

Enjoy the week end and drop a note if you have time. I love hearing from people that like and use my work. 

And let us all keep good thoughts for  the people in Japan and the horrible, horrible time they are having. We wish you the very best in these hard times.

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