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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Hot Pink Valentine
Valentines Day is coming up very soon, so all of you out there remember to pick up a valentine for the someone special in your life. I forgot last year and felt terrible when my husband (of course he remembered) gave me a beautiful card! So the next time I went in to town I bought one for this year! Now if I can just remember where I put it!!!

When I started this blog I wasn't going to make it a personal thing, just about Personas, but over time it has evolved, just like everything does. Today I think I will vent! So, watch out...here it comes.

I wonder if any of you out there have come across a young woman/girl that gets a little bit of power and it goes to her head? I did just recently. I have been a part of the Persona group for over 2 years and during that time it was always young men that I was in contact with and helped me learn as I helped out the Persona project. I never once had a problem with any of the 3 or 4 that were in charge over the years.  As a non-paid worker bee I put in hours and hours and hours of work reviewing designs that were submitted. After a month or so it gets to be quite tedious and irritating. Many submitters don't read the directions and submit stretched images, designs that won't show up because they didn't read the instructions, etc. etc., even X rated material.  Quite a few would submit the exact same design four or more times, and just change the title a bit. So after awhile most people that take on the task as a reviewer quit. I didn't. And even though I was getting tired and irritated with the work, I did it as I felt I accepted the responsibility and did it to the best of my ability. I rejected duplicates, stretched, inappropriate material. While doing this one day I came across a designer that had used one of my original designs made with Photoshop and had added some ugly clip art to it. Instead of submitting a DMCA form, which is not an easy thing to do, plus the person that used it gets a pretty scary letter from Mozilla,  I tried to send the person an email, so I used his/her designer name and sent e-mails, using yahoo, Gmail, hotmail, msn-mail, etc. hoping they would get it, (I don't know if they did or not) asking them to please remove it. After a week when I hadn't heard anything, I decided to remove it and gave the explanation of why it was removed. 

The next day I received a letter from this young woman that took over, telling me she had taken my administrative duties away with the reason that I shouldn't have removed the "copy". For some unknown reason this "now I am in charge young woman" took her power hammer and gave me a whack! She seemed to have it in for me from day one and I don't know why. When she first started as the Persona "boss" she sent out letters to reviewers telling us all these wonderful things she was going to do for Personas, etc. Well, I never saw any, but.....that is another story.
Over time it has made me madder and madder.  At one point I thought I would just remove all of my designs and go somewhere else and design. Then I thought it wouldn't be fair to the faithful users so shot that idea down.  In the end, it was probably the best thing for me as I really did get irritated with a lot of the work that came in to be reviewed. When I first started I was asked what I wanted the Persona project to be and I told them I wanted it to be something we can all be proud of and have some class. Over time it has lost a lot of that "hope". I don't like the nearly nude and boob shots that are on. If people want them they can make them for their own use and no one else has to look at them or Mozilla needs to have a special category and a special reviewer to review the product and see if it meets a G rating. The way it is now, reviewers have to look at this garbage first, which they may not want to. I usually sent them to legal to be reviewed or if it was outright X rated I rejected them. Persona users have to see them as they are right there on line along with Hello Kitty, etc. and they shouldn't have to see them. Some of the reviewers are letting through work that is definitely not G rated. You can find designs now that are stretched out of proportion, etc.

So, since I don't have to review anymore I have tons more time to design and learn more about Photoshop. I feel bad in a way that I am not helping out the other reviewers as I know what hard exasperating work it is. So the gal with all that new power actually did me a favor in the end! 

Wow, that felt good...I know my husband got awfully tired of me venting about the "designs" that were coming in and taking time away from him so I could review for hours a day, even holidays. In my heart I know I did my best to  make the Persona Project  a success so don't feel too bad about getting that power hammer whack! But I wonder why some women/girls when they get a job with a little bit of power take it out on others. Perhaps in time she will learn how to be in charge of others. Oh, by the way I ended up and had to submit that legal form and the design got pulled. (Power lady had put it back up after I removed it!)

Sorry this got so long but I sure feel better and am going to get right to work and do some really great designs and get them up. I have so much more time now...

Have a great week and think spring. That is what I am trying to do
Later all!

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  1. Good Wishes MaDonna,
    I do not think this giving has been too much... I found the reading of it worthhile, and I could relate.
    Being able to share thoughts that may not always be of a positive nature is healthy... and who better to share a Persona Story than with your Faithful Persona Users???
    This Story has given insight behind the beauty of your Personas.
    I am most glad that you found a way to leave that unpleasantness... now you have the freedom to still be creative and also retain your integrity.... Well done.
    And we, your Faithful Users, can appreciate more deeply that your beautiful Personas we enjoy have often emerged despite behind the scene's complexities.
    With appreciation, from M(Qld Australia)