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Friday, November 10, 2017

Busy November

Harvest Basket

I wonder if November has been as busy for everyone else as it has at our house. Normally everyone would think our lives are very boring, but at our age we kind of like boring! But hubby has been busy getting everything winterized and doing some hunting. I have been very, very busy with Firefox. Working on themes and keeping everything updated. The most helpful extension I have is InformEnter and I use it a lot and it saves a lot of time. The developer has been very busy updating it to the new format Firefox will be using when FF 57 is launched on November 14th. He has been updating it several times a day and it is working all right. Not quite as good as the original but that is not his fault. I am very appreciate of all his hard work. If you fill out a lot of forms, etc. this is a must have. You can find it at: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/informenter/

Personas Plus was updated today but I had to go back to the old version because I couldn't get the preview to work. I HAVE  to use a preview to test my themes. And I test over and over so I hope the version for 57 will work for me when I update to that version. Footers will not be available for 57 because they are doing away with the add on bar at the bottom. It really isn't necessary and that just makes one less step for a developer. 

I use to use an extension called Color Picker and the developer isn't updating that one so I have to us the one for Web Developers and it isn't quite a good. Anyway it isn't for my use. 

I love Tabs on the Bottom and so far that extension isn't available either. I am also learning to use The Pocket. 

I loved Simple Night Mode but that isn't being updated, either. So I am using Owl and that is pretty good but not as easy as the Simple Night Mode. 

Monday I had a 2 hour eye appointment. And after that I couldn't see very well because of all the drops he used. I have extreme dry eye syndrome and the cataract surgery made it flare up again. (That is the reason I have been using an extension to darken the computer pages) I have to use a steroid eye drop for a month and then go back to see him. He could actually see the dry spots on my eyes.

Tuesday my husband had an appointment with his cardiologist and that took half the morning. Wed. we had dental appts. and yesterday we went to one of our great grandson's Veterans Day assembly and that was all afternoon with the driving, etc.

This morning we went to Costco to get a lot of things we needed. 

Tomorrow we go to our oldest son's home for his 60th birthday party. It is hard to believe he will be that old. I was 18 when he was born and I remember how excited I was. I wasn't worried about being a mother because I was almost 13 when my baby sister was born and since we lived on a big farm in Iowa, my Mom was busy outside a lot so when she was outside working I was taking care of baby sis and learning to cook! But time goes way too fast. 

If you read my blog, you may remember I mentioned our daughter losing her cat she had had for 19 years. Well, she has a new pet now. Last Sunday she showed up with a 2 1/2 year old Brussels Griffon called Lola. She is so happy with her and it is good for her to have something to take care of when she gets home from work. Her kids arranged the whole thing and all she had to do was go pick her up. You can tell in her voice how much happier she is. 

Well, I have killed enough time and have a few designs in my mind I want to work on. A lot of things on Firefox are kind of getting backed up because of the new version coming out next week. The user count hasn't worked for almost a week. There doesn't seem to be an Up and Coming page anymore. And if there is I can't find it!

I hope you are all excited about the new and hopefully improved Firefox that will be launched next week. I just hope everything goes well.

Have a great week end.

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  1. Hi MaDonna ~ Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I love your Personas and use them regularly. (I'm using "Holiday Brights" right now even though Thanksgiving isn't even over yet!) Thanks for all your hard work! (I hope Firefox pays you for it!!)

  2. No, tracey. I don't get paid! Would be nice, but my payment is hearing from people that like my work. It makes the hours worthwhile. Thanks for reading my blog!