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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Feels like Fall!

Watermill Theme

Wow, but it is beginning to feel like fall in the evenings. We sit outside and read for a bit after dinner and we have both noticed the feeling of fall in the air. We have had some really great summer days, though. 

Did you get to see the eclipse? Our daughter & granddaughter drove down to Salem, OR to watch it and I guess it was totally awesome from what they have said. We didn't have the glasses or anything so we didn't "watch" it, but could sure feel it as it got cooler and grayer out. We didn't have the total eclipse here but most of it. I can't believe the hype for it. 

My husband took the 4 wheeler to the back pasture and picked blackberries so I made a pie. They are a little seedy but make a really good pie.

I just updated my Firefox to 55 and got quite a surprise. Most all of my extensions now say Legacy in bright yellow. And that means that those AddOns won't work after November when they update Firefox to 57. So I have been trying to find some that will replace them that will work with 57, BUT there aren't many out there yet. And I don't know if they ever will. I am very disappointed in this. I was reading on their blog and apparently a lot of people and developers are unhappy about it. I don't think there is anything we can do about it except hope that smart developers out there can re-write some of the extensions so we will be able to use Firefox the way we want to. It is kind of funny, in a way because I had just made up my mind to write in my blog about some of them! Guess that won't happen now!

I spent 2 days trying to get rid of an error on my desktop in Windows 10. I did so much research and working on it I started to get frustrated. After working on it all day Monday and half of yesterday I figured it out and got it working all right. I have no idea why it happened but apparently a lot of people have had the same error notice and everyone had a different way of fixing it! Most of them didn't work and I honestly don't know which one finally fixed mine but after the last restart the error notice was gone. So, it seems like all I have done for several days was actual "work" on the computer not have fun making designs. So all is well in MaDonna Land right now. Till  something else goes wrong. With computers there is always something, right?

Fall Light

Well, I really don't know anything new and I am sure you get bored with my "no news" so I will figure out something for dinner. Have a good night.


  1. Hello MaDonna! I found your blog by viewing your beautiful theme creations. Just by reading some of your blog, I became a huge fan instantly with your style of writing, not to mention that you live in the most beautiful state this country has. I would like to email you if possible, but could not find an email address to reach you at.

  2. Hi Madonna once again I have found myself enjoying your blog along with all your beautiful pictures. Each time I scan through these personas I find myself back to loving yours the most. You have yourself a wonderful evening.