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Monday, July 18, 2016

Hard week in the World

Patrtiotic USA

The past week has been a very sad week for the entire world. Every time you turn on the television or radio you hold your breath and hope there isn't Breaking News with another shooting, an attack or a coup!
Now this week we have the Republican Convention that probably won't make matters any better. Enough said. 

Have you ever tried to put a protective screen saver on a tablet or phone? I have been trying to do that on several items lately and not having a lot of success. The Nexus 7 I won from Brand Thunder in 2012 was getting so slow it would take me 10 minutes to get a Kindle book up so I started doing some research and decided on the Samsung Tab A. I am very happy with it and the price I got it for from Costco. Got a really nice case and screen protectors from Amazon. But didn't have a lot of luck with the screen protectors. I have tried 4 and finally just left the last one on, not because it was a great job but because my back and neck were killing me from doing it! I have spent a lot of time watching videos from "experts". And still not a lot of success. Very frustrating. So now I thought I would put a new one on my cell phone! Went through one whole package of 5 and still didn't get a job I was happy with. I am a perfectionist so for it to meet my standards it had to have no bubbles and no dust particles. I ended up with 1 dust particle and it wasn't on the main part of the screen so I figured it wasn't going to get much better so left it.

Just got my bill from Comcast and was not a happy camper on that front, either. If you are paying a lot of $$ to get TV and internet, you should be able to plug the cable in and get service. Right? But you have to have a separate box to get your TV stations you are paying for. At first the little box was free, then it was $1.99 and then it was $2.99 and now it is $3.99! A dollar may not mean a lot to some people but if you are on a fixed income (and haven't had a raise in that income for several years) every dollar counts. 

Now on another front! There is another theme designer that thinks I have some super powers over what designs Mozilla features. I don't! He has tried his best to put me down on sites and rants on the forum. I really don't know what he thinks but he commented about me making puppy, kittens and butterflies! So I made one just for him with a cute little puppy and kitty and butterflies! Fact of the matter I have made several but only submitted on so far! I know, I am not a perfect person!

Kitten Puppy Butterflies

I think it turned out really cute!

Well I hope you all have a good week and we don't have anymore Breaking News reports.


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