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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mothers ♥

I always start missing my Mom more at this time of year. I had our family's Mother's Day dinner at our home for years and years. Probably over 45 years! 

My Mom was a very special person. She had the heart of gold and was more compassionate than I am. She was a very hard worker all her life. And she deserved a few years when she didn't have to work, but she didn't get that. Then again, I doubt if she would have ever stopped working. She loved doing craft things and made crafts and sewed all year so she could sell the items at bazaars from November through Christmas. She mowed her own lawn, and it was a large lawn till just before she passed away at 86! My Dad had bad legs because of a heart condition caused by years of smoking, so Mom would use the push mower when he was alive and he used the big John Deere riding mower. After he died Mom did both!

If you have any family questions you want answers to, don't wait until it is too late. Ask your Mom about her life. She will be so pleased that you are interested. And don't forget to call or visit her. She needs to know you love her and proud she is your Mom. 

Enough of nostalgia! 

Brand Thunder has an AddOn for Mozilla Firefox now. It is called Personas Interactive. You can find the AddOn at: http://brandthunder.com/personas/ You will be able to install some of the New Tab themes and control your Personas. I mentioned in my last blog that I wondered if Firefox was going to continue with the Persona themes and I have good news on that front. Yes, they are. I guess the problem is with Personas Plus as it hasn't been updated for awhile. So maybe Personas Interactive will be the way we control our themes. I really don't know for sure but am just kind of guessing.

Fresh as a Daisy

The above design is the one I am using right now. It is really soft and pretty.

I had my eyes examined a couple weeks ago so went to Costco this morning to order my glasses. I hate having to pick out new frames! Two years ago when I got my last pair, I picked out frames and when I went to the counter to order them, they were the exact same frames I had. But I liked them so I got them again! You always need an extra pair in case you break them, so I always keep my old pair handy. I have to wear glasses to see!

I have noticed that some of the themes I made several years ago have become popular all of a sudden. 

Spring Serenity
I made this one last year and liked it so I am pleased it is getting some use.
Well, I am going to sign off now. You all have a great Mother's Day and call home!

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  1. Madonna,
    So many similarities with moms.
    I keep an extra pair of glasses in the car.