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Monday, March 14, 2016

Felling Better Today!

At The Bird Feeder

Well, I should apologize for the "downer" post of last week but I am better today. Just once in awhile I get that way for some reason.

We lived through the horrible wind storms we had Thursday and Sunday. We woke up Thursday morning with a bunch of our big trees down with big root balls on them and parts of our fence down. We had up to 80 MPH winds. I slept through it cause I wear ear plugs! My husband said he was surprised to see our barn still standing. He was out looking at the damage and the wind was still blowing hard and the top of a big spruce tree fell right beside him. He said he heard a huge "whump" and turned around and there it was. He was just lucky because it would have done some major damage to him. Our daughter lives in town and there are huge trees in her neighbors yards and she worries every time the wind blows. She has had one neighbors trees on her roof once and her big deck once. This past storm brought trees down from another neighbor all over her back yard. Took her lilac trees and clothes line out. She was so proud of her lilac trees because she got the starts off our ours. But our youngest son went over yesterday and they got all the trees cut up and piled for us for our wood fires. The neighbor said he would take care of getting rid of the small limbs if she wanted the wood. So they got it all stacked to dry and will bring it out one of these days. The neighbor is supposed to replace her clothes line but we will see if he follows through. She got our family all together about 8 years ago and we had a big tree cutting party at her house. The guys worked and got all her big trees down so she didn't have to worry about them. My husband used to fall trees on week ends for my Dad when he was a logger so he knows how to get a tree down and fall it to where it is supposed to. But the wind came up hard again yesterday afternoon when she was here so she left right away to watch for damage. 

I hope everyone got their clocks changed over the week end. I just hate it and thought perhaps we could get it changed so we could do away with Daylight Savings Time. BUT I read in the paper that oil companies love it because they sell so much more gas. People come home and it is still daylight so they get in their cars and drive, go out to eat (so restaurants love it) or shop (so retail likes it). Since money is involved it won't get changed. Learn to live with it, I guess. 

Well, I will get back to work. Have a great Saint Patrick's Day!

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