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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Are You Ready for Easter?

Pretty Posies by MaDonna

Spring has sprung! It really doesn't feel like spring today but it has in the past few days. I am so ready for really warm weather.

This has been the very first winter that neither my husband nor I have had a cold. I don't remember a winter when we haven't had at least one cold. Whenever one of us would catch one, we would try very hard to keep the other one from catching it but that is impossible! So it was great to not get sick. We have noticed that since we have gotten older the colds bother us a lot more and we get sicker. So this was a pleasant winter. We only had a few cold nights, too. It was almost like fall all winter. But it was one of the wettest winter's on record so we got a lot of rain. 

Are you ready for Easter? We are going to our daughter's home for a non traditional Easter. We used to always have a big ham dinner for Easter but they are so much work and you eat too much. So we have decided to go simple...no big meal...munchies instead. So we can munch all day! Our granddaughter is making her famous nachos for the main munch. Really looking forward to those. Plus just all getting together so am looking forward to it.

My thoughts go out to the people in Belgium and what they are going through. I don't see why we can't all get along. We should accept people for what and who they are and not try to change them or blow them up! That certainly doesn't make anyone like them any better.

I have been trying to cut back on working on designs but am having a real problem with that! 

Clash Royale Tribute New Tab Theme

I noticed that the last New Tab theme I made for Brand Thunder is ready to download. I just read their blog and they have formed a partnership with Visicom Media, Inc. so I don't really know what that means for me making designs for them anymore. We shall see! I hope I can continue working with them because it takes me out of my comfort zone working on game designs. 

Well, gonna have my afternoon coffee break. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and can be with family.


  1. Bonjour MaDonna
    Je suis ravie d'avoir enfin trouvé sur Addon de Mozilla le lien vers ton blog... Je peux donc enfin te poser la question qui me trotte dans la tête depuis bien longtemps. J'adoooooore tes créations. Et je les utilise en majorité. Mais je voudrais savoir (si tu le sais bien sûr!) comment je peux faire pour les voir en entier.... En effet il y a toujours un manque: toute une bande en bas des créations reste cachée... Y-a-t-il une manipulation à faire pour profiter pleinement de oeuvres????
    Merci en tout cas pour toutes ces belles bannières.
    Bon dimanche pascal à toi et touteta famille
    Amitiés de France.

    1. Thanks to Google I could translate your question! I think you are asking hot to have the footer part of the design show. I use The Addon Bar Restored. You can find that in the Mozilla Add On search. I hope this will help you.

    2. Thank you... I am going to seach, but I am not very cool with he tecnologie!... ( It's as for my english!!!! ;) )