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Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Minions Christmas Tree

Is everyone ready for Thanksgiving? I guess I am. We have had one beautiful Thanksgiving dinner already at our son's home and I will cook our smaller Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving. When a family grows it gets harder and harder to get everyone together for one day so we stretch ours and have several! This Thanksgiving dinner will be the smallest I have ever made in the 57 years of cooking Thanksgiving dinner so I am going to have to downsize all of my recipes.  So that will be a challenge!

Brand Thunder  just notified me that my Minions New Tab theme is on line now.  I had so much fun making them and they were a lot of work. 

This shows some of the scenes I made for the design.

My Donkey Kong New Tab Theme is available, too. 

I had a traumatic Saturday! I think I have mentioned that my husband has resurrected my Keurig coffee maker (that we bought for our anniversary about 5 or 6 years ago) many times. Most people would have thrown it away 2 years ago, but he kept bringing it back to life. And I had read reviews on the new ones and they aren't very good. BUT I decided I had to replace it since it wouldn't stop putting out water! I don't like spending that much money. But I got my new one and if it lasts as long as the old one I guess I can't complain. The new ones won't let you use any coffee pods but Keurig brand. If you put in a different brand it will say Oops! And no one likes an Oops! But our daughter told me about San Francisco Bay coffee and it is half the price and they made their pods with no plastic case. They figured out a way to make them work in a Keurig. It is really good coffee. Plus you can get a Freedom Clip from them in a sample package that you can clip into the coffee maker so other brands or older Keurig pods will work. I think Keurig made a mistake by making their coffee maker to only use their brand coffee, which is good but costly.

I am working on a couple more themes fro Brand Thunder besides the Christmas ones for Firefox so better get back to work. 

Mozilla hasn't fixed the User Count yet and it has been "broken" since November 9th so you don't know if anyone likes your theme or not. I guess it isn't top priority for them.

I want to wish you all a wonderful, cozy Thanksgiving and hope you can be with family. If not, make a phone call!


  1. I added some new themes to my Firefox and began to notice that your name was listed as the author of most of them, so I looked further. I, too, am a retired Donna - in Eastern Washington. Used to have my own web design business (after I retired) and do graphics, just for the fun of it. Now that I'm an old lady, I FINALLY have a craft room of my own and do a lot of different crafts, as well. Sounds like we have quite a bit in common and I sure love your work!

  2. Thanks so much, Lady Socrates. The one good thing about getting older is that we aren't quite as busy as we were when we were young. But I have to keep busy and I enjoy working with graphics and getting emails and comments from people. Glad you like my work.

  3. Hi my name is Laura. I just wanted to say that ive been using and following your Firefox themes for quite awhile now.Im not sure if its a specific style or quality that makes yours different but I can always pick out which ones are yours. Every once in awhile i scroll through to see whats new. I was wondering if you ever consider requests? Like one for a sailboat or sailing theme? Thank you for sharing your artwork and talent with us. Happy New Year.