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Monday, July 6, 2015

Smoky Monday

Sunset at the Cabin by MaDonna
The theme I am featuring today is one of my favorites. It is my dream home. Serene, warm and cozy and in the woods!

I hope everyone had a great Indpendence Day week end. Our was very, very nice. Hot and happy!

Two of our kids and 3 grandkids were here for a picnic type day on the 4th of July. It was really warm so we kept moving to find shade but by the time to eat we moved the picnic table under a big pine tree that has shade and we got the cooler breeze from the bay so was very comfortable. Of course we had been eating the whole time before we started the bbq! I have often wondered what holidays would be without food!
It got real smoky Sunday morning, though and was so bad last night we had to shut windows. There are fires in BC and several right around here. I just heard them say on the local news that the air was unhealthy. I can't remember when it has been this dry here. 

Yesterday was really hot. It was 96°. The wind in the morning was from the northeast and was acutally a hot wind which we never have here, but it changed to the west in the afternoon so we were back under the pine tree! Neither one of us have had a day where we didn't do anything until yesterday! We sat and read most all day. Part of the reason we didn't do anything was because my husband had had a heart episode the night before. Luckily the meds got it under control after a bit so we didn't end up at the hosptial. But they are so scary. And then yesterday when we were getting a snack from food left over from the holiday, he hugged me and said, "I don't want to leave you behind." I get tears in my eyes even remembering him saying it. I know he worries about his heart but he never ever says anything about it. The thought of having a life without him is not acceptable. I have never been on my own. I went from just turning 18, leaving my parents to be with my husband. So I have always had someone to turn to for anything. And always felt protected. We have always done most everything together. I don't want a life without him. Enough said for now.

Wow, this is getting morbid so I am going to shut up for now and get back to work and get my mind on something else. 

Have a good week and enjoy summer.

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