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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

New Brand Thunder themes!

I just checked and BT has added a bunch more of the themes I worked on last week. I will post them now. 
Mortal Kombat X Tribute

Super Mario Tribute 

Donald Trump Tribute 2016

Fallout 4 Tribute

These are a few of the ones I worked on. I was hoping they would use the other Donald Trump design because it was so funny, but I may put it on as a wallpaper on Desktop Nexus if BT doesn't use it.

Will be back later to write more.


  1. Hi, Madonna...just a general comment.....I Love your work, and you are getting so much more adventurous,,,,great stuff!!
    I use a lot of your themes/personas for my Firefox browser. In fact I was just adding a few more Nature themes, and I was thinking maybe you could do some Dragons as well....if you Google Images of Dragons...I'm not talking cutesy dragons, rather Spiritual Dragons, and not too dark! (I mean scary!)...There's not that much out there in Personas Land in Dragon Themes....
    One little suggestion...I found with some of your beautiful Nature themes, when I viewed them on my computer, they were a bit fuzzy, or just too close to showcase their beauty....
    Otherwise, Love your Work!!
    I read some of your bio, & you def should keep on writing it!! I know nothing about MY Great grandmother, (now long gone), she was still with us when I had my daughter, so there was a good lot of ladies, 5 generations.....she left us shortly after this....
    so, keep on writing! It's not until you realise you can't really remember a lot from long ago, that you realise you should have written it down! Too late for me, I just cannot remember much...
    Anyhoo, Lovely to touch base with you...
    Peace and Love
    Sylvia from Sydney, OZ (Australia)

    1. I thought I would let you know I have 1 dragon design on now and am working on some more, so just keep watching my themes on Firefox! Hope you like them.

  2. Thanks for your comments Syliva. I just may look up some dragons. I am not really into that but it is fun to get out of my little box! I think that is why I enjoy working with Brand Thunder because they take me out of my comfort zone. I don't know games, super hero's, etc.

    I am glad you like my work and enjoy my blog. Sometimes I think it must be boring for people to read.

    Have a great week end in Australia.