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Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy 4th of July USA!

Elk Misty Morning

Wow, the weather we are having! It is hardly ever really hot in WA but we are having a very hot week and doesn't look like it will cool down any for awhile. I love sleeping on these evenings, though because it does cool down in the evening and you don't have to be bundled up in tons of blankets. And the laundry is so much less because the clothes are smaller! 

We had a very hectic hot day yesterday, though. We had planned on going to Costco to pick up some things, but when my huband went to get his car out, the garage door opener broke. Stripped a gear or something. So, we had to go buy a new one and then got to Costco late. I forgot besides being a 4th of July week end coming up, it was also a Canadian holiday and they come down to shop and buy gas. I guess dairy products and gas are a lot cheaper in the states, so they fill their carts with milk and cheese and then pack in 5 gallon gas cans before they go home. Anyway the check out lines were very, very long! So we got home and had to install the new garage door opener. So my 79 year old husband was standing on a ladder in the 90 degree garage. I had to get up on a stool and help hold it, so it was a lot of fun! But it is up and everything is working except the wall switch. Have no idea why it isn't working but I am sure he will figure it out.

This hot weather really bothers my dry eyes so I am not going to be doing much design work today.

On the day before the 4th of July years ago we would be leaving to go to the Cle Elum Coal Piles to ride. Load up the kids and the bikes and tons of food, the tent, etc. and have a super holiday. Those days are gone and I doubt they even let dirt bikers ride over there anymore, on the trails anyway. Hundreds of people from all over the state would go there and camp and ride. So much fun. Our 4th this year will be pretty quiet. Some of the kids will probably come over and we will try to find a cool place outside. Hopefully there will be a breeze. We usually always have a breeze here and we have lots of trees so can find a place in the shade with a breeze. It is so dry here we won't be able to roast hotdogs, though unless we do them on the BBQ. And they aren't near as good as roasted over the fire pit! But it is better than a rainy 4th which is what we usually have.

June was the hottest June with less rain ever here. Broke lots of temperature records. And yet some people don't believe in climate change. Even the penquins and the poor polar bears are having a tough time. And the last I heard Alaska had over 300 fires burning. The fire danger here is so bad right now, it is almost scary. The Japanese company that bought the 500 acre ranch next to us won't farm it because they want to say the ground isn't any good for farming (so they can put in thousands of houses) haven't cut the hay. The big field right across from us is so dry it would go up in a flash. Apparently the County executive doesn't have the power to ban fireworks this year so we can just hope nothing happens. The County Council banned them for next year (except for a few days before the 4th).  But that doesn't help much this year.

Better get back to cleaning house. Friday is my big cleaning day.

If you are an American, Happy 4th of July and be safe. And to everyone else, have a great week end.

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