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Thursday, February 5, 2015

February Update

Beautiful Rainforest Butterfly by MaDonna

You may have noticed that I have started adding "by MaDonna" on my themes. The reason for my doing that is I am running out of titles that will be accepted. You can't have a theme with the exact same title or it won't be accepted. So rather than try adding dots, underscores, etc. to a title I decided to just add by MaDonna. It is not an ego thing!

We have been really busy lately for some reason. While everyone back east was having horrible snow storms we were having early spring weather so we decided to go up in the mountains and get some fire wood. We used to be able to get 2 or 3 loads a day but since my dear hubby is 79 we can only get 1 load a day. And the last load, he waited till the next day to unload it. We have found out since we have gotten older and neither one of us have a lot of insulation on our body we need more heat to keep warm. I have Reye's Syndrome (which goes along with Fibromyalgia) and my fingers will turn white and numb if I get cold. I used nitroglycerine ointment on my fingers (Dr. prescription) and it helped some but not completely. Then the pharmacies quit compounding it. I decided to try Niacin pills as I know it opens up blood vessels and it is working wonderfully. Better than anything else I have tried. So I am thrilled about that.

Well, needless to say I was devastated about the Super Bowl. We were jumping up and down with excitement because we knew we had it won....and then the last play of the game. It still hurts and will for awhile. Our son dropped by and gave us really cool Seahawk hats with sparkling lights around the logo. You can turn them off so mine is off till next year!

If you read my blog very often you know I am a Sons of Anarchy fan and the final season will be released Feb. 25th so I am really looking forward to that. We don't buy DVD's because they are just too expensive so these are a real exception for us. We usually start from Season 1 and watch them all through the latest one we get but they are usually released in the summer and TV is pretty poor in summer so I doubt if we do that this time. Or we just may wait until summer time to watch it. Haven't decided yet. 
Fluffy Little White Birds by MaDonna

Perfect Poppies by MaDonna

Brand Thunder is adding a few more of my designs. They wanted some Kim Kardashian designs so I made one and I didn't think they were going to put it on but it is finally up. You can find it at: https://gallery.brandthunder.com/en-US/theme/kimkardashian#.VNPD-C7tyUk if you are into KK. Then they wanted one that shows more skin so that is in the works and should be up soon. 
I hope you all have a very Happy Valentines Day