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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Birthday Month!

Spring Garden Serenity

February seems to be the month for lots of birthdays in our family. Grandson, great grandson, sister, mine and of course the Presidents are all in Feb. I make our family calender with lots of graphics and picture of the birthday person on their birthday date (along with their age, because at my age, I can't remember!) But February calender looks very busy! 

I am working on some spring designs now, such as the one I highlighted today.

I have tried to figure out what happened to my blog to the pretty background, but haven't  figured it out and doubt if I will be able to. I worked on it for hours and something got changed and I didn't change it.  At least I got the backround red for this month.

We went after another load of firewood yesterday and when I got up this morning my knee didn't want to bend. It is getting better as the day goes on, so am thankful of that. I have had 2 surgeries on this knee because of motorcyle accidents when I was competing so it hasn't been vedry good sinced then. 

I can't imagine what the people in the eastern part of the US are going through with the cold and snow. We have been so lucky this winter. We have broken several heat records. It was 59 degrees yesterday. It was beautiful up in the mountains. How can anyone deny climate change?

Just thought I would pop in and say hi and thank all of you wonderful people that leave me those 5 star reviews on my themes. I really appreciate anyone taking time out of their day to do so.

Butterflies in the Meadow

Enjoy the rest of your week.


  1. MaDonna, after reading your problem, I went and checked the Blog I have with a Plumrose Lane Theme, mine too was gone.

    If you go to Plumrose Lane you'll find the instructions to remedy the problem.
    Here are the recent Post Titles referring to the loss issue..
    ... Speechless~~
    ... Updated Codes for Free Backgrounds
    ... Update to Previous Post
    ... Gone Missing? Here's the Fix~~

    Hopefully that helps you.
    Big hug. I haven't been in contact but read all your Posts with Subscribing as well as Following.

    Have a great month celebrating Birthdays.

  2. Thanks, Magda. You are a life saver.