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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September and feels like fall!

Winds of Autumn

September has arrived in it's cold, clammy fashion in the Pacific Northwest! Rain showers and much cooler. I DON'T like it at all. The weather man says it will be in the 80's this week end, so am keeping my fingers crossed.

We had a nice Labor Day week end. Of course we both labored some but it was still nice. Got to visit with our daughter and grandkids on Sat. night. Had delicious tacos and lots of laughs. Have to admit we got a bit loud but it wasn't long before half of her neighbors were as loud as we were. Don't get to see these grandkids as often, so was very special. I feel so fortunate to have such a "nice" family. Everyone seems to get along and enjoys being with one another. I think if more people would make an effort, more families would be happier. 

But who am I to judge?

Mozilla finally got their user count fixed so designers can actually see if their work is getting used. For a whole month we didn't know if anyone was using any of our work. So thanks, Mozilla. I kind of think most of them take their vacations in August because I remember other problems in past August's.

My very favorite television program is Sons of Anarchy. Yes, I know there is a lot of violence in it but I love the show. Have from the very beginning. We started watching Season One (for the 7th time) on Netflix the first part of August and are on the last episode of Season 5 now. Then we can watch Season 6 which I got on DVD last Tues. I can't wait to watch it but season 7 is beginning on TV and it is the last season for SOA. We don't watch it on the TV but wait till it is out on DVD.  So am hoping since this will be the last season they won't wait till next fall to put the DVD out. I will have to be very careful about not hearing or reading anything about the last season cause I don't want to know anything! But then at my age, by the time the DVD is out, I will probably have forgotten what I heard or read.

It is time for me to begin dinner and since I don't know anything I will sign off for this time.

Have a good week and drop  in again.


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