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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Checking in!

Patriotic USA

I hope everyone is having a great summer. Can you believe that the 4th of July will be here in less than a month? I can't. The only good thing about it is that it is closer until The Sons of Anarchy DVD comes out in August! 

I have been working away, making way too many designs, more than I can even submit.

I have gotten some really nice emails lately. One was from Steph. She told me that I had inspired her to go back to school for graphic arts. That made me feel like the hours I put in is actually worth something! I don't make any money doing this but if I can inspire at least one person to continue schooling it is doing some good at least. Another gal told me that my designs made her daily work on the computer much more enjoyable so that is a good thing, too!

One lady, Steph read my last post regarding the Stacy Martian that has been using my designs to make Facebook Covers sent me the link where all of this person's "designs" are. I can't believe that this website has absolutely no way to contact their site. I have searched and searched and found nothing. Plus I have no way of contacting her since I don't do FB. I do not want to be on FB since I think it just causes a lot of problems. My sister and sister-in-law want me to join so we can keep in touch. I will keep in touch with email! 

Speaking of my sister, I just got an email from her and she was out walking her little dog and three big dogs attacked her and her dog. They tried to tear her poor little doggie in half, so he had go have surgery, but will hopefully be all right. My sister got bit on her neck/shoulder and leg. She was talking on the phone to her husband at the time so he heard the whole thing! I can't imagine what he must have been thinking. It is over now and hopefully the 3 big dogs will be held accountable. Personally I am not fond of big dogs. 

Well, I am going to get out and enjoy the sunshine for a bit and have my coffee.

Hope all is well with everyone. Have a great Father's Day. I may get on later this week.

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