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Monday, September 16, 2013

Dreary Dreary September Day

Kitten Prayer

Last week was just gorgeous. This week has started out dreary and rainy and just plain yukky! The Seahawks kicked butt yesterday, though so that was good! But I hope the little kitty above is praying for more sunshine. Mama needs it!
I have been working all morning and was getting kind of down so I started my music and that always makes me feel better. I get most of my music from Amazon, one song at a time. Just got the latest Sheryl Crow song, "Easy". Really like it, too. Most all of my music is country, but since Sons of Anarchy is my favorite TV series, I have downloaded some, but not all of the music from the show. Some of it is too 'hard rock" or whatever they call it now.  We just finished watching all 5 season of the show again. Can't wait till next August when Season 6 comes out. I keep telling my husband, I have to live long enough to see the final episode of SOA!
I love reading mystery books and read them on the Nexus 7 I won from Brand Thunder. I found a site called Freebook Sifter. You can sign up for emails and they send out a list every day of hundred of free books. The books are actually on Amazon so easy to get on your e-reader. The problem is I find one or more every day and can't read that fast. But I found out if you find one you like you better get it that day, cause it won't be free the next day. There was one yesterday I kind of thought my husband would like and didn't get it. Yesterday it was free, today it was $9.99! Live and learn, I guess. So he won't be reading it!
You all have a great week. I guess I will have my afternoon coffee and get back to work. See ya soon!

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