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Friday, November 2, 2012

Finalist in Brand Thunder theme contest!!


Well, I am a finalist in the pop culture theme contest from Brand Thunder. So I am asking all my fans to vote for the one Brand Thunder chose. You can check it out at: http://brandthunder.com/2012/omg-pop-culture-theme-contest-finalists-are-here/

The one they chose of mine was "Pirates of the Caribbean". It was not the one I thought they might choose if I made it to the finals, but I am very happy to be there. I think you can only vote through Facebook and as you know I don't do Facebook so that lets me out of voting for myself! So it will depend on you guys out there that do Facebook, I guess. I worked really hard all month and made some pretty good ones. My favorite was the Elvis one I called "No Time to Say Goodbye" but then I guess that shows my age. I skipped school to go to his movie "Love me Tender" when I was in high school! I think you can vote once a day, but am not sure about that so you can try and see if it lets you. I would appreciate any and all of you that can vote to do so.

The theme I am showing today is the fall design I am using. It seems to be pretty popular with Firefox users also. The wallpaper link is at the Persona site.

I would like to wish all of you on the east coast that were in that horrible storm good luck and I hope you can get back to your homes or someplace warm and dry soon.  A fellow named Tony had written to me and asked if I would make a Persona with a photo of his Siberian Husky, Bandit. So since I was finished making designs for the contest I took time yesterday to make two for him and submitted one. I wrote to him and told him it was on line and got a message back saying, he couldn't see it because the storm hit him hard. I have no idea where he lives but I was surprised to think how insulated I was from it. We watched the horrible pictures on TV but here I was sitting in my nice warm living room and thousands of people were living through the havoc.  My thoughts are with them and I am going to send the Red Cross what we can, anyway. That is about all I can do for now.

Now, I am going to ask all of you to vote in the election on Tuesday also. This is one of the most important things we can do to keep our country free, I feel sad that some out there are trying to make it hard or impossible for every citizen to vote and I hope if you are one of those that you can see through the smoke and mirrors. You can vote if you are registered, so do.

I will let you know the results of the contest next week. Since I don't do Facebook I have my doubts of winning the popularity contest but I sure as heck would like to. Thanks to all of you and let your friends and relatives know they can vote, too.



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