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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December, December

December Sunset Barn

December Sunset
December is here and time to start thinking of Christmas decorations. Time to take the fall decoration off the door and put the reindeer on.

The latest news is I got a new camera and haven't really learned how to use it and all of its settings yet. Probably never will. It has an automatic setting and I am sure that is what I will use most. I did use the sunset setting the other night so I could try it out. The December Sunset Barn shot turned out really well and the December Sunset Persona turned out clearer than my old camera, so that is good.

I discovered that a bunch more of my designs are on iGoogle now. Took a long time for them to show up and in the mean time I gave up and threw the paper away with the names of the designs on.!  I use iGoogle as my home page and am really happy with it. You can set it up to your liking and that is why I like it so well. Anyway,  if you use iGoogle and want to use any of my designs, you can go to where it says Change Theme from.....and when the search page comes up, put MaDonna in the search and some of my designs will come up. Winter Snowman by MaDonna is the one I am using now. It goes with the Persona called Winter Snowman Collage. So now that I know it, I am going to be adding some more to the iGoogle site. I will just be patient and wait till they show up.

The new venture I wrote about several months ago turned out to be a dud. The fellow that brought it to my attention and asked me to help design got too impatient because things weren't selling right away. So I am no longer involved with him or his sites.

I also found out that Persona's can be rated. I didn't know anything about this as I don't do a lot of surfing. I just work on designs and screening. But I noticed someone had mentioned it. So I clicked on the link. I honestly don't know how you go about rating them, but you can go to:   https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/personas/ and rate designs. Looks like you have to sign in to do it, but if you have time and want to try rating designs, let us know how it works out. Mozilla hasn't done a very good job of making people aware of this feature, so it isn't very popular yet. Let me know if you figure it out.

Today is Pearl Harbor Day so think about all of our men that lost their lives on this day many years ago. And hope something like that never happens again. If we could only have peace all over and not have things like today to have to remember!

Hope you all have a good week and don't get too tired and busy to let your loved ones know you love them. 

Till next time!

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