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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Woman Rising!

Well, we pretty much know who will be the presidential candidates this fall. 

When I was a little girl no one could ever imagine that a woman could actually run for president, no less be the President of the United States! That could actually happen in our country now. It is a good time to be an American woman.To think that my great grand daughter could become the President is very exciting. We are a little slow at this happening, when you think that India's Indira Ghandi was Prime minister in 1984. Argentina, Iceland, Ireland, Mongolia, Germany and Bolivia are way ahead of us in having had women run their countries. Women are probably better at running a household than men, so why can't they be head of a country? I have heard some say, "They are too emotional." What is wrong with having emotions?

When I was a girl, I knew I would never go to college because we couldn't afford it and to be truthful I had no desire to go. All I really wanted to do was find someone to love and marry, have babies and be a housewife and mother. I think that was what ever girl I knew dreamed about. A few kind of wanted to be a teachers. There really wasn't a lot of things a girl graduating from high school had a choice to do. Before I met my husband, I kind of thought about going to beauty school because I loved to cut and style hair. (I started cutting my own hair when I was 14 and have done so ever since) When I was a freshman I considered joining the Waves, mainly because my uncle was in the Navy and I thought he was really cool. I sent off for information about joining even. But that was about it. And then I met the love of my life! So my dream came true.  I am very proud that the US now has a woman presidential candidate. Here is to woman power!

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