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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Father's Day

 Butterflfies in the Garden by MaDonna

 Just wanted to update my blog for Father's Day. These are photo's of my Dad during his life. I will write more about him sometime this coming week. 

If you have read my profile you would have seen that over the years we have been very involved in trying to protect farmland. We just found out this past week that our property and our neighbors properites were being pulled into a development plan that is being pushed by a Japanese developer that purchased a big ranch/farm by us. We won the first 2 rounds but they did build a golf course on the ranch. Since they got that built they haven't farmed the property at all. Mainly because they wanted to say it wasn't good farmland, which will help them with the City and County governments. Neither us our our neighbrs were told anything about this. I happened to find out when I opened a file about the latest Comprehensive Plan Update that is mandated by the state. They had a map with no roads named, etc. so you couldn't even tell by the map that our poperties were intended to be added in with the developer property. We got all our neighbors informed and they agreed with us that they didn't want included. So I typed up a document and went to the hearing and spoke. The City Planning Commission had already published their recommendations before the hearing! So speaking and handing in new information did no good, since they didn't even discuss it. Now we have another battle on our hands, but I am hoping when this all gets to the County level we can win there. We have lived here for 48 years and can not afford to live in the City limits and that is what would happen if the developer has his way. So...as it goes....

Have a super Flag Day.

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